Why?? :((((((

Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 9:45 PM By: -Papa'sGirl(;

Ok,so get this shit.
A couple day's ago i was hanging out with the love of my fucking life(:.
It was amazing:).But still didn't get my kiss:(.
Anyway's..Today my EX BEST FRIEND,Text's me and say's he doesn't really like you.I said how she said cause he is with me.

She is a Backstabber,And when you have friend's like that you sure the hell DON'T need enemie's!

She is a BackStabber and he is a Douche:)).
So i guess they are meant to be together.
But the kid don't understand how bad it hurt me,he drownded me with i love you baby,nothing will ever get between us,and all that shit.
And i actually believed it:(.
I am not falling for anyother guy unless you are a real person.
Now all i live for is me,my family,and PAPA ROACH

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