Movie Theater Ettiquite

Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 7:14 AM By: tarakeene420

We'll start with the obvious,

1) They even post a sign for this one folks TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING CELL PHONE!!! Clearly if your are expecting such an important phone call that you would actually waste the cost of a ticket answering your cell phone just to tell them that you are at the movies and will call them back you shouldn't be at the theater in the first place! Not to mention that why are you so significant that you just HAVE to text your friends where you are!?! I came to see the movie not your cell phone's display!

2) SHUT THE FUCK UP! again, let me repeat this (and honestly people it was tough to decide which of these really should be #1) SHUT THE FUCK UP! If I have to lean over and TELL you this, you are more in likely breaking rule #1!

3) KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF! Because if you don't you are now breaking rule #2! If you TRULY don't like what you are seeing, the girl in the movie is constantly being "stupid" and "screaming too much" than get up and LEAVE! Not everyone else shares your opinion nor do they want to HEAR IT!

Now I understand that sometimes people scream at the scary parts, laugh at the funny ones etc. BUT, when you are the only one being heard, hell, YOUR OWN FRIENDS tell you to BE QUITE, well, keep in mind these 3 simple rules and this will ensure a fun and pleasurable experience for ALL the movie goers in the theater and is one more sure way of avoiding unnecessary medical bills and or unexpected funeral expenses!

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    On Feb 03, tarakeene420 said:

    GOOD ONES! def. give kuddos for those. for me would fall under the "shut the fuck up" category, but why would you bring your kids to any movie other than one for them ANYWAY. I go to the movies to GET AWAY from my kids, so they are OBVIOUSLY rated R. DUH. but i've learned to accept that the world if full of fuckin retards and that somehow they have learned to migrate north. i say screw natural selection, at 18 administer idiot tests, weed out the fuck ups early! eh, that was mean, but ive never clamied to be a nice person! but thanks again for the additional rules, now if only the guilty parties were smart enought to use the internet and read this......

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    On Jan 04, synyster_wolf said:

    another rule: Dont let your kids kick the backs of other people's chairs! and on a similar note, dont bring a baby into the theater. You know the movie is loud, and you know it will make the kid cry!

    Oh, and don't scream like a little girl during a part that isn't 'scarry' just to be funny. because it's not. I have to resist the urge to throw a shoe at the people who do that.

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