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Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 4:08 PM By: tarakeene420

I know some of you have prob. already done this (I'm kinda behind on the loop, but eventually I catch up) Go to Type in your name. Read the definitions of YOU! They range from funny to weird and almost disparaging but hey, nice to know what YOU mean right? There is usually more than one definition, so be sure to read them all! If anything it'll put a smile on your face! Here is what Tara is defined as ( I posted all of them. My faves are #3 & #4 LOL):

The Definition of Tara~
1. Drop dead gorgeous. Used to describe the most amazing person you know. Legendary.

2. a girl who posses these qualities:
culinary skills
loves animals
and is a lovable dork.
a 'tara' is somebody you wanna meet

3. a girl with severve drug abuse problems, but strength, and insight, a girl you've probally let go of, and now regret it, or flat out dont know what you lost. Yet.

4. to firmly grab ass and hump into submission

5. the definition of the one woman that will ever exist that is the self deffinition of sexyness, perfection, amazingness, smarts, and extraordinary talent.

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    On Feb 03, lovetragedy said:

    urban dictionary is liiiife!

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