Hurting inside. I didnt write this one but I love it.

Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 8:41 AM By: Vamp Minnie ^,-,^

Everytime i tried to i remembered everything you saidi think that was suppost 2 b 4 me.
You're the reason im hurting and dying inside
You're the reason i go to bed crying every night
I never asked to feel this way
I never asked to be hurt by you every day

I wanted to forget you,get you out of my head

I needed to let you out of my heart
You were the reason it had torn apart

You made people fall for you,by showing you cared
Whenever they need
you,you were right there
After a while,the real you started to show
You changed so much,yet you didnt even know
You'd turned into someone who only cared about yourself
You no longer cared,when i cried out for help
You made me feel angry,upset and confused
All this time,id only been used.

I couldnt believe it,i hated the real you
You left me feeling numb after all you put me through
Id fallen in love, and i couldnt let go
You did all this to me and still didnt know

I cant believe i fell so much
You made me fall more after every single touch
You messed with my head,so i couldnt think straight
You played with my heart and filled me with hate.
You seemed to of taken over all of me
You ruined every part of me completely
I was no longer the strong person, i was before
I got weaker ,more and more

I reached the point where i couldnt go on
I cant believe i ever thought you were the one I couldnt hide there was no point in pretending
Everything i felt was really ending

I felt so empty,there was nothing i could do
I could believe anything,nothing seemed true
Everything you said,was nothing but lies
This was the reason id died inside
Goodbye to you,ive had enough
I cant take it no more,ive given up!

  1. paparoachisawesome! avatar

    On Aug 10, paparoachisawesome! said:

    thats great,were did you find it?

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