1. Shirley86 avatar

    On Apr 17, Shirley86 said:

    hey heb je tijdje nie meer op msn gezien. hoe is t?

  2. No Subject avatar

    On Nov 27, No Subject said:


    I'm from Germany

  3. No Subject avatar

    On Nov 26, No Subject said:

    Hey,Im new here
    Nice to meet ya :D

    Where are you from?

  4. atl_dreamer avatar

    On Nov 25, atl_dreamer said:


    I think Im ok
    My parents quarreled each other..

  5. tears dont fall avatar
  6. tears dont fall avatar

    On Nov 23, tears dont fall said:

    hey wuts up

  7. freetoheal avatar

    On Nov 23, freetoheal said:

    haha hey wassup just joined

  8. atl_dreamer avatar

    On Nov 21, atl_dreamer said:


    How is it going??

  9. david diaz avatar

    On Nov 20, david diaz said:

    nice pic and u are my demise love u

  10. david diaz avatar

    On Nov 15, david diaz said:

    u sound cute

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