Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 5:45 PM By: Cowboy

So a bunch of shit kind of going on right now. This is going to sound lame, probably because it is but....Tacobell = Magic. So me and Jeremy went there yesterday, we were still pissed off at each other and things like that but then we kind of calmed down and just started talking...so going to Tacobell was a good idea or else we'd still be pissed and I'd still be threatening to choke him. But it's all cool now. 

Then Jose came over today because his girlfriend Talia was in class and he didn't have anything to do.  Him, Jeremy and me were just sitting around playing Mortal Kombat and like the conversation just took a strange turn and yeah. It got pretty serious and kind of freaked me out. He thinks like he's going to die when he goes back to Iraq and yeah he said that with a straight face and damn... I didn't know what to say but Jeremy was like trying to convince him that he wasn't going to but it didn't seem to change his mind. I don't know if he goes back there with that kind of mindset...damn.

Then like later I hung out with the chick next door she's like a year younger than me. But she was like raiding the hell out of my yearbook and calling a few of my friends hot, which was awkward because I've seen them all puking their brains out. The only good thing I got out of like her doing that was that I finally got my yearbook pic scanned sounds kind of lame but yea we didn't buy those separate ones or whatever they're damn expensive. Except its kind of fucking small because it bigger was all spotty and shit. I look like a damn pervert. I was saying "heeyyy" because I was tired and the chick said something insulting because she thought I was looking down her shirt WHICH I WASN'T. but anyway: http://i22.tinypic.com/168c1uq.png enjoy, my left eye looks funky i dont get why. 

But anyway I'm damn hungry so I'm going to go feed

On pizza and small children

The End. 

  1. b0ard3rl!n3rachel avatar

    On Oct 16, b0ard3rl!n3rachel said:

    my sis' bf is in iraq...yeah i guess thats all i have to say...but it does suck to even have to think about going back there im sure.

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