Sun, Oct 14, 2007 at 3:25 AM By: Cowboy


I can't sleep and I'm really fucking tired so it sucks BUT ANYWAY...

Not a lot going on, yesterday was Jose's birthday so like his family threw this huge ass party he got pretty damn drunk. I don't drink or anything so I was just like talking to his uncle and his uncle's boyfriend the majority of the time. That and Jose and his girlfriend decided on having their wedding in June of next year so that'll be pretty cool I think.

At home, Jeremy's (room mate) still being an asshole for some unknown reason and it's pissing me off so I really want to hurt him. He keeps like saying shit to me out of nowhere. In the car on the way to my psychiatrist's office he said something and it just made me feel shitty and then mad... he's glad we were on the highway or else I would've grabbed the steering wheel from him and swirved the damn car.

That and my brother had his girlfriend over today, she's okay but I don't know really what to think about it. I don't like him dating people. My nephew's over right now, hopefully sleeping right now, he keeps sneaking around the house at night to try to play with the puppy and giving her doritos.

To make this Papa Roach related somewhat... I got a hold of The Addict and Caught Dead the other day. They're pretty good I think the Addict should've replaced What Do You Do on the Paramour Sessions, that's my least favorite song, it's too damn soft. I still have to give those songs to my brother and that'll be my conversation starter with him because there's kind of been issues and shit going on. Blah blah blah blah I can't think of anything else to type... My nephew told me he was going to be a bear for halloween and I just stared at him like he took a shit on the floor until my brother explained that he meant like the football team not the animal.

Speaking of football... Cowboys better win tonight. I hate the Patriots so much.

Decided to get a new profile pic/avatar. Was going to put up a Highlander one but...Jesus is so much better. 

Peanuts & Applesauce

The End.

  1. BayouCat avatar

    On Oct 15, BayouCat said:

    Long time no speak on my part. I've been busy jabbing people with needles (clarified in blog). Mwahahahaha...Cowboys are no longer perfect...nah...I really didn't want the Patriots to win...I think if I went to hell today, Tom Brady would greet me. He looks so evil. Don't laugh...woohoo, Saints all the way!!!
    Payton Manning looks like Timmy off of South Park.

  2. Cowboy avatar

    On Oct 15, Cowboy said:

    dude i would kick his ass but that wouldnt be a good idea. because like one time i freaked out and like yea broke three of his ribs because he didnt fight back. wasnt too good at all.

  3. psycho chick avatar

    On Oct 14, psycho chick said:

    You know your brothers room mate needs his ass kicked if you ask me. To bad you dont live around me because I would kick it for you hahaha. Your nephew sounds awesome hahaha. Giving the dog doritos haha, but I have to agree with Charlyne I love reading your blogs because you always have something interesting to say.

  4. charlyne avatar

    On Oct 14, charlyne said:

    you are a good story
    Caught that a paparoach song?
    cuz i've never heard of it, if it is.

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