Iron Man.

Sat, Sep 15, 2007 at 6:27 PM By: Cowboy

Awesome song, but besides that...Not a lot to do lately, I tried showing my nephew Felix the Cat so he'd be at least introduced to good cartoons compared to the shit that's on TV nowadays... I mean come on... Dora the Explorer?

"But oh-great-leader, it teaches children to be more tolerant of other cultures." 

I'm not necessarily sure if that's true, but if it is...I say, who gives a shit. That's just teaching kids to be so damn politically correct that it'll make your eyes bleed.

Those same people are the ones who are telling their kids, "It's okay to cry."

Yea, sure, it's okay...if you want to raise a raging pansy. If my nephew cries we just tell him to suck it up...except that time he was sick and puking everywhere, that was just nasty. And when he's older, he's going to kick so much ass. Because we're not sheltering him from violence or any of that. Sure right now he's 5, but when he's about 8... on halloween I'm going to show him how to shoot shaving cream like 50 feet, so then he can spray all the trick-or-treaters like his dad and I did back in the day. Then a lot of things... like pumpkin smashing, spray painting...and yea. It's going to be awesome. 

I can't have kids, so I'm just going to corrupt my nephew as much as I can. And he's going to rule you all because you and your children will be too busy doing sudoku and eating your sushi/tofu.

I can't think of anything to else to say that doesn't end with me ranting for awhile...

The End. 


  1. psycho chick avatar

    On Sep 15, psycho chick said:

    You know I have to admit I have never watched Scarred yet. I know I know someone shoot me. LOL

  2. snaredrummer9 avatar

    On Sep 15, snaredrummer9 said:

    pick on MTV......Jackass and Scarred's great, everything else sucked feminine balls.....

  3. psycho chick avatar

    On Sep 15, psycho chick said:

    Hey you to hahaha. Sorry Cowboy but us girls like Dora the Explorer you are just going to have to pick on another cartoon.

  4. snaredrummer9 avatar

    On Sep 15, snaredrummer9 said:

    but i like Dora the Exploder....

  5. psycho chick avatar

    On Sep 15, psycho chick said:

    Hey I like Dora the Explorer. "Dora Dora Dora the Explorer!" LOL!! My daughters love that show but they do also watch the older cartoons that I watched when I was younger like the Flinstones and the Smurfs ect. they are on cartoon network. I also think its ok to cry to a certain extent. If its over something silly then I tell them to stop, but if they are not feeling well then its a different story. I guess I am a loving and compationate person when it comes to my family. Like probably like most people anyone who fucks with them will have made the greatest mistake of their lives.

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