Sat, Sep 22, 2007 at 3:49 PM By: Cowboy

So Jeremy named the new puppy Marty, even though its a girl. When my brother brought it home it like pissed on the floor right away. It's scared of everyone, like if you walk up to it it'll back away or hide in a corner. It always walks around slowly with its tail between its legs. My cat bitch slapped it when he first saw it... all like "bitch, this is MY house!"

But other than that, it likes my nephew so far because he keeps feeding her crackers and like petting her any chance he gets. I don't really like the dog much.

Anyway though...eating subway, my brother didn't get a sub sandwich because he's still convinced that the male workers there jizz in the lettuce. We knew a few guys that used to work there and they were telling us about how they did that...I know they weren't lying because one of them fucked a bagel before.

I hate myspace right now. I got a shitload of friend requests from like a bot and on their profiles it had a shitload of topless chicks and it freaked me the fuck out....but yea..

I hate the following words so I try to avoid saying them:

Puppy, Kitty, Cookie, Sucker, Jelly, Loose, Bellybutton, Belly, Pretty, Emo, Punk, Dolphin, Toddler, Elderly....that's all I can think of at the top of my head, there's more probably.

The End.

ps: i hate nirvana with a burning passion. 

  1. psycho chick avatar

    On Sep 23, psycho chick said:

    I love German Shepards they are the best dog to have in my opinion. Thats too bad yours is afraid of everything but I am sure he will warm up to everyone once he gets to know his territory. They are great protectors.

  2. Cowboy avatar

    On Sep 23, Cowboy said:

    its a german shepard. yea we make fun of that guy for it all the time...hes such a damn scumbag.

  3. psycho chick avatar

    On Sep 22, psycho chick said:

    ahahahaha you have the best stories what kind of dog is it? Well at least it likes your nephew. I dont blame your brother for not getting subway thats just gross he fucked a bagel OMG!!!

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