Wed, Oct 10, 2007 at 4:21 PM By: Cowboy

Yea so I might be in trouble I don't know for sure yet. I gave my room mate Jeremy a black eye yesterday so that's why. He was being a jackass so he deserved it. But now we're fighting so that just sucks and my brother is siding with him so that just makes me pissed off more....thats about it.

Edit: I don't feel like making a new post and this one is short anyway so I'm just adding to it or whatever.  I didn't get in much trouble really they suck at diciplining. Like my brother is kind of a pansy and so he doesn't really do anything besides just walk away and lock himself in his room and then Jeremy just hits me so yea.

So me and Jose were hanging out more today just kind of like driving around and talking about some shit. He's not really the same as he was like before he went to Iraq like I get that it changed him and that kind of sucks because he barely like laughs and shit now and is all serious. But I'm glad he still talks to me and shit like that, he's a cool guy.  I can't think of anything to say so yea.

The End.

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    On Oct 13, Cowboy said:

    wow you lost me.

  2. SheBuildsQuickMachines avatar

    On Oct 12, SheBuildsQuickMachines said:

    i learn something about fights: don't make it worse. i didn't think it applied to me, you know, just kinda seems like it.

  3. psycho chick avatar

    On Oct 12, psycho chick said:

    Im sorry to hear that you are having a bad time. I would do the same thing and I would of probably gave him more than a black eye. Im sure everything will work out.

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