Fri, Dec 14, 2007 at 6:58 PM By: Cowboy

Alright so tomorrow is my nephew's birthday. So he'll be six years old. He's an awesome little kid, my brother bought him this mini red drumset a while back so he can play a few things on it (not much). He's not amazing but he'll get there sometime soon. It's funny to see him try to play on my brother's set because it just looks weird since he's a little kid. He likes superhero stuff so my brother bought him a bunch of that (he hates Marvel comics though) and a remote control car. Oh man... he has an Xbox 360 with Xbox live... and he was playing Gears of War once... with people...and he was saying random shit into the headset...and they were like amazed as hell...because they didn't think he was five...but yea, he kept dying.

So we're going to be over at his mom's house for a bit tomorrow. She's okay, she buys me stuff. But she married some other dude instead of my brother but like for awhile she was leading him on and stuff even when she was married so it's like....ahhh bitch. But he has a girlfriend now so it's all good. Her husband hates the hell out of our room mate Jeremy so it's going to be awkward for him to be there tomorrow. Because he keeps thinking Jeremy's going to try something with his wife....which he wouldn't. Fuck anyway, after that me and Jeremy are flying out to Chicago for the holidays, so we're going to be at his parents house and crap like that...they're like my parents too kind of since I've known them since I was a fetus pretty much.

Dude seriously... some of you guys desperately need to learn how to spell four letter words wrong does that happen? maybe you should read more or something that helps with spelling so then i won't think you're like.... 7 years old....and you won't look like damn cro-magnum.

Anyway....I can't think of anything. I keep burping and it's annoying me right now....bcoz et smelz lyk chilaaayy...

The End.

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    On Dec 14, psycho chick said:

    HEY tell your little nephew I said Happy Birthday!! Have fun in Chicago!!

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