Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 2:54 PM By: Cowboy

So last night (technically early morning since it was 12am) I previewed that new Rambo movie with my friends Dusty and Talia since Dusty works at one of the theaters he can like preview new movies and shit. There were three other people there (who also worked at the theaters) but it was cool because all we pretty much had to do was bring a cup to fill up with the pop machine (didn't have to pay for it either) and then candy-wise Dusty just took some from the backroom...

But anyway, Rambo... the plot was very very stupid. It was basically boatride to place, place gets attacked, rambo goes on boat there, kicks ass, the end. The dialogue was so cheesy too we were making fun of it most of the time. Hell we were making fun of the movie the whole time though...especially when Rambo was making his machete...I was just like "Why's he making a spatula?!" and shit like that... two of the chicks that worked at the theaters were just like "...if he takes his shirt off i'm leaving". There was all this gore (very very graphic) but the only thing they were sickened by was Sylvester Stallone's chest or whatever (he did not take his shirt off). But yeah the only good thing in that whole movie was how gorey it was... Rambo tears a guy's throat out. Anyway I think I'm going with my brother, nephew and room mate to see it again tonight. My nephew's only six but he's like into gore and shit like that... he loves the Blade Trilogy and plays Gears of War and pretty much everything like that....I bet this will make him scream though haha.

 The End.

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