1. psycho chick avatar

    On Apr 11, psycho chick said:

    Hey how are you I miss talkin to ya

  2. hammersm avatar

    On Apr 06, hammersm said:

    was up

  3. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Mar 20, LilRoach Moe said:

    hey wuts goin on?? =]

  4. hammersm avatar

    On Mar 16, hammersm said:

    was up

  5. cooky avatar

    On Mar 12, cooky said:

    and what are you saying now?

  6. hammersm avatar

    On Mar 11, hammersm said:

    was up

  7. Katerine avatar

    On Mar 02, Katerine said:

    Hey ...!
    how's everything ...?

  8. StacyD avatar

    On Feb 26, StacyD said:

    glad u think so.... ur just way to grown up ... thats a good thing.....

  9. psycho chick avatar

    On Feb 23, psycho chick said:

    So how have you been? I was in the hospital most of the day on Wed because I was dehydrated and had a temp. I just want to feel better, Im so tired of the sinus infection crap.

  10. ccczauntie05 avatar

    On Feb 23, ccczauntie05 said:

    that sucks but hey ull be misssed lol come back soon lol

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