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I am a 53 year old rocker and a father to three great kids. I believe I am having a mid life rock - n- roll breakdown. After seeing Papa Roach in concert for the first time last July, that experience was so intense for me it brought me back to the days of REAL rock. I grew up in the time of Black Sabbath with Ozzy, Dio, Nazareth, Van Halen, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Doobie Brothers, Santana, Blind Faith, Scorpions, Jethro Tull, Rick Derringer, Twisted Sister, John Butcher Axis, Robin Trower, Charlie Daniels, The Outlaws, Allman Brothers, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Rush, Kiss, Yes, Marshall Tucker Band. They say that as you age your music changes with the time! I am glad that this experience with papa roach has returned me back home. THANX PAPA ROACH, this band opened my eyes and my ears to kick ass ROCK ' N ROLL !!!!!

I have always wanted to meet Papa Roach. It is going to happen for me and another Papa Roach friend that I met on this very site. I am going to fly to Minneapolis to meet up with my friend, grab a bite and head off the the first show in Spencer, Iowa. We have VIP passes and this fan will finally meet the band. What the fuk do u say ? I will think of something. Then, we are off to Fargo, North Dakota for the second VIP concert, this is going to be such a fukin blast, I am off the walls with anticipation. Infukincredible......... Priceless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have VIP'D 3 times with Papa Roach. Each time has been great. I feel right at home talking to the boys. I am looking forward to more VIP concerts and having a great time just hanging out with the boys. I was really lucky. I entered a contest to play pool with Papa Roach from our local Rock Station WAAF 107.3 FM. I won. During our vip time we mentioned that we would see them again to play some pool. They thought it was a pool party with hot scantily clad young ladies. Weren't they surprised. I got some cool pics and I am going to put them up when I have sometime to do it. I lost to Jacoby on the last shot of the game by scratching on the fuckin eight ball.

Looking forward to another year of Papa Roach concerts, vip experiences and meeting more roaches.

ROCK ON FUCKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!/photo.php?fbid=245264975501871&set=a.245264398835262.79309.100000551113677&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=245264458835256&set=a.245264398835262.79309.100000551113677&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=245264872168548&set=a.245264398835262.79309.100000551113677&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=245265032168532&set=a.245264398835262.79309.100000551113677&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=245265062168529&set=a.245264398835262.79309.100000551113677&type=1&theater

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