Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 9:05 AM By: PRFP16

For my site viewers, is there anything you guys would like to see added, taken away, or changed on the site? I would love to bring the discussion board bacl because I love talking to other fans but nobody participated last time. If I brought it back, would you guys participate? I'm open to ANY suggestions! Thanks guys!

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    On Nov 08, PRFP16 said:

    That's okay! You can comment on polls but not many people do. The only other places to comment were on the discussion board questions. I deleted the page a while ago though. Nobody was answering questions so I just got rid of it. But I can put it back up and see what happens!
    Thank you for the comment!! The help really means a lot.

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    On Nov 07, dianam said:

    I have looked at that site several times but I just dont know how to add comments or anything, but then again I am not good with computers.

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