1. Dakota, ROCKS avatar

    On Sep 14, Dakota, ROCKS said:

    hello....im sory my aunt wants me to dewlete the gaia account...but i wont delete the account......how was your day? like my avatar crazy physco girl person...well my picture that says we all love you...
    ***Gothem Gurl19***

  2. *JadeTheOnlyOne777* avatar

    On Aug 23, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:

    donĀ“t start to spam!!

  3. rue3425 avatar

    On Jul 25, rue3425 said:

    ooo that'll sound really neat! :)

  4. rue3425 avatar

    On Jul 16, rue3425 said:

    that's cool :)

    so what other instruments will be in this band? is it an orchestra type thing or more along the lines of Yellowcard?

  5. PapaRoachfan4life avatar

    On Jul 12, PapaRoachfan4life said:

    HI! Thanks for the add! =D
    so, how are you??

  6. rue3425 avatar

    On Jul 09, rue3425 said:

    hey! welcome to the site :)
    how are ya??
    that's cool you want to be a violinist when you grow up. how long have you played? (i play the violin :)

  7. Luum avatar

    On Jul 09, Luum said:

    You're a little old,, don't you think xD

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