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My heart is a fist and im getting away with murder
I've been looking for a lifeline which means ive gotta change or die
SOS, im falling in love im coming undone
Ive had enough the world around you is a bunch of hollywood whores
There're telling me my time is running out
But time and time again i march out of the darkness and into the light
This is a state of emergency, i almost told you that i loved you
Now you love me not, i wanna be free, i am done with you
I tore my heart open just to fail, its never enough, this is a decompression period
I'm not coming home to a broken home, i just want to be loved
Now i dance with the devil and fly around the fire,
Im never gonna live this down
This is my last resort!!!!
I Love Papa Roach, &nd' Have For The Last 21 Years Ive Been Alive, The 7 Times Ive Seen Them Live Have Been The Best Five Nights Of My Life, The Moment I Met Them Was Moment My Biggest Dream Came True. What I Would Do Without Them,? Idk But I Don't Ever Wanna Know,!:) ♥


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