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About Anette

I´m from a really small (f**king)republic:DD..I love Papa Roach and I listen to their music for a long time..I think I was ten or nine:)and know them because my older sister started to listen to them when I was so young..yeah rock music is my heroin!!!:D
I was on the concert in Prague and saw Coby..My hands were shaking and I couldn´t believe he´s so close and I screamed and shouted !!yeeahh..omg:DDDholy cow..f**king amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so what more can I tell ya..

I´m a little bit crazy person who does what she wants to do:)mmm my description..I have long brown hair and dark brown eyes...I really like hockey and I can watch it play it or talk about it loooooong time..sometimes I need to shout and screeaaaam really loud:DD for abreaction-(Coby´s songs are the best for this!!!)... I love fun cause life is too short to worry about unimportant´t worry be happy!!!!

I also like another rock bands like Linkin park,The Rasmus,Three Days Grace,Three Doors Down,Bullet for My Valentine,Nickleback,System of a Down ....

and If you wanna know something more about me..just ask me or add me...

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