1. Twist3d Cind3r3lla avatar
  2. Twist3d Cind3r3lla avatar

    On May 24, Twist3d Cind3r3lla said:

    Hey emo. whats up?

  3. 3mo $k8er Gurl avatar

    On May 13, 3mo $k8er Gurl said:

    plz ignore that last comment! my dumbass friend david vargas!!!! put that!!!!!

  4. 3mo $k8er Gurl avatar

    On May 11, 3mo $k8er Gurl said:

    Im single!!! any emo boys?!?!:

  5. 3mo $k8er Gurl avatar

    On May 10, 3mo $k8er Gurl said:

    im awesome! in guitar class chillin out on this wicked awesome website...nd how r u may i ask?

  6. No_Soul avatar

    On May 10, No_Soul said:

    how r u??

  7. No_Soul avatar

    On May 07, No_Soul said:

    i love your avatar!!!

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