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Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 11:13 PM By: James Tina

Can you burn fat quickly and still have health on a low carbohydrate diet? Yes you can if done correctly. You are not aiming for zero carbs in your diet which would be almost impossible to achieve over the long haul and not a healthy lifestyle change for losing weight. An ultimate low carb diet does include complex carbohydrates in moderation.

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But because you want to burn fat quickly and to really crank up the metabolism you are going to cut the carbs right down in the first two to four weeks. This is only a kick-start and great if your weight loss has come to a grinding halt.

To get the fat burning process to kick in pretty fast this is what you will want to do in the beginning. The goal is to burn fat quickly but only for the short term.

After two to four weeks you can re-introduce complex carbohydrates back into your eating plan. I say complex carbs because you want to stay away from refined carbs. The refined carbs you want to avoid like poison are starchy foods like white bread, pasta and any foods containing white flour. If you really want your fat burning on the hurry up you can avoid eating fruit for the first 2-4 weeks.

The simple carbohydrates that need to be eliminated are white rice, white bread, white flour and any sugary foods. Don't eat potatoes in the first 2-4 weeks as these are starchy.

When you eat simple carbs your body releases insulin which is a fat storage hormone. The insulin is trying to break down the carbs into sugar. Unfortunately because our diets are overloaded with simple carbohydrates we get little fiber. We need the fiber as it helps to slow down the release of insulin. You can see how a healthy diet is incredibly important. Sugary foods and white flour have no fiber content and end up making a paste of sludge gunking up our digestive system. High carbs and low fiber in combination make for a super duper cocktail of fat storage making it almost impossible to burn fat quickly or even slowly!

To summarize if you're eating too many carbs your body will refrain from going into the fat burning zone. If you eat in this manner you're overloading your system with sugar and your body is struggling to process it with insulin and clear it from your liver and bloodstream. If you're not burning it and you have an excess then your body stores it as triglyceride fat.

This is not the only thing that occurs in this process. You can also ignite a huge sugar craving cycle whereby your body craves refined carbs or pure sugar. The cycle continues unless you change your eating habits.

Keeping your carbohydrates low in the first 2-4 weeks will light a fire and burn the fat in storage which is what you need to burn fat quickly.

As your body converts to fat burning instead of fat storage you can re-introduce the good complex carbs and fruit. You can see why it's vital to cut refined foods once you understand the cycle.

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