Just so bored.

Thu, May 17, 2012 at 11:42 AM By: Unintended

Oh shit, I'm so bored of this fucking life! Hate people around me. :| yeah, with their fuckin' sense of humor. :|
Yeah, but I only love you, Roachers.
Hey guys, show me some love. :((

  1. S.I.D.Enemy avatar

    On May 19, S.I.D.Enemy said:

    We are here for you!!! Everytime!=) Take care of you honey and give a shit of your haters!!!

  2. Jacoby Shaddix 93 avatar

    On May 18, Jacoby Shaddix 93 said:

    I know your emotions! But you have your roacher friends to talk and share what you want :)
    Don't give much importance at 'em.

  3. Unintended avatar

    On May 18, Unintended said:

    guys, thank you. I just can't take any more.. I'm glad that you understand me. loveya, Roachers! =))

  4. dianam avatar

    On May 17, dianam said:

    I know what you mean about people and thier sense of humor. Some people suck but you can always count on your Roach friends to be there for you

  5. Katniss1987 avatar

    On May 17, Katniss1987 said:

    show you love OK, Hands you a box of lucky charms throws some tunes on lets get rocking..bigg huggles

  6. Unintended avatar

    On May 17, Unintended said:

    oh, you're so sweet.

  7. S.I.D.Enemy avatar

    On May 17, S.I.D.Enemy said:

    I know your situation I'm in the same...It feels like the people here are the only people who understand me... everyone around me is annoyed from my style, my clothes and my music... my family hates it and my "friends" are just friends when I'm dressed "normal" and when I don't hear my music... I wish more love too and I just get it under people wich are a little bit like me... so I mean the people here! but hey if you're fed up from haters, think FUCK YOU and smile=) If I wouldn't do that I think I've already killed some people but not all...or myself... Here a piece of love for you=)

  8. [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] avatar

    On May 17, [*Roach'sFallenStarr*] said:

    I know the feeling sometimes! But at least we have Papa Roach and fellow Roachers for support! Much Roach love to ya;)

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