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About Lili

Oh crap I'm really quite boring tbh...ummmm I'm slightly creative, I'ma writing addict. Mainly fics and shorts, I've been known to write the odd poem and song.
I used to sing, but not so much anymore! I guess you could say my sound is kinda Amy Lee mixed with Kelly Clarkson.. or thereabouts.

I like.....
MUSIC ofcourse! No specific taste, guess I'm kinda eclectic, although I have a major passion for P Roach! (goes without saying)
Chinese food, pizza, Cookie chocolate and Ice-cream are NOM!
I love movies.. espesh anything scary.

Wanna know anything else ask..and I just might tell ya ;-)

Oh and I'ma picture wh0re!! ;-)

Taste of Chaos 2010 London... Best night of my life.


The main man... Papa Roach were afuckinmazing

Meeee posing and stuff!

More natural

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