Friends and lessons learned

Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 11:17 PM By: Grizzlybar2289

Tonight was an awesome night. I got to hang out with some of my friends and we had a couple of drinks (well at least I had a couple, everyone else got hammered) and were just having a great time hanging out together. The interesting part of the night tho was the conversation I had with my one friend who I've been incredibly close with for the last four years who is also the roommate of the girl I've been attempting to start something with. I was texting the one girl and my friend started talking to me but we were around a bunch of people whoI really didn't want to have that kind of conversation with so me and her went outside to talk. She told me about how the girl I want to be with is basically out of the question. Apparently, and I didn't know all this, she just got out of a two year relationship with someone and she still kind of wants to be with him and becasue of that is pretty much emotionally unavailable. My friend told me strait to my face that she doesn't want me to get involved and end up getting hurt because she knows I like this girl but there's no way any kind of relationship could happen. Honestly, hearing that kind of hurt becasue I did like this girl but I am really happy that my friend was able to tell me this because if she wouldn't have told me, I probably would have asked this girl out sometime soon. The interesting thing about everything is thatwhen me and the girl hung out on Tuesday night she was apparently extremely happy and had a great time and told my friend about it because I'm "a great guy who didn't try and push anything between us" and that it was nice to just hang out. Like I said, I'm kind of hurt becasue I liked this girl but I guess it's better to have known this information now then to go out and do something stupid and ruin our friendship. That would have hurt worse than how I feel right now.

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