Why I am who I am

Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 12:00 PM By: Grizzlybar2289

I've been asked way to many times why I do the things with my life that I do. Everyone always has some ridiculous reasoning as to why they think they know who I am or why I've done things. To put this into perspective a little over a year ago I used to be like 300 pounds and a fat out of shape piece of shit. Then I decided I needed to make a change so I started eating right, got to the gym, and took my life seriously. Through all of that I've gotten down to 220 pounds and have gotten into incredible (at least in my mind) shape. On top of that I have control of my life again and it feels good, until someone comes along and tells me why they think I'm doing this. It seriously pisses me off. Just some of the things people tell me are just so annoying or discrediting that I can't stand it. I've been told I'm just doing this for a girl, which is funny cuz I've been single for well over a year and a half now. I've also been told I have an eating disorder, which if it hadn't been my boss telling me that I probbaly would've punched that person in the face cuz I was seriously pissed. And on top of tha I get told all the time by my friends that I've changed in some bad way but they won't tell me how. I didn't realize that taking control of my health and life was a bad thing but okay. I honestly don't know what got me into making this decision to live better but I know why I've kept with it. In the world when everything changes and nothing ever seems to stay the same, I know my workouts and my lifestlye never will. When I go to they gym, a 45 pound plate will always be a 45 pound plate. It doens't try and act like something else or lead you to believe it's anything other than it is. That consistency has been a driving force for me and I keep with it because I know where I was and I never want to go back to that place.

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    On Apr 06, sinsationalkate said:

    Stick with it no matter what people are saying. A lot of them probably wish they had your conviction and are just annoyed that you have the courage to change yourself for the better when they don't.

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