Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 8:51 PM By: Grizzlybar2289

Alright sorry guys but it’s rant time. There was just too much shit that went down this weekend and I just need to vent. Also I feel like I’m probably going to offend people but if it does that wasn’t my intention. Also if you don’t believe in what I’m saying, call me out; I’m willing to talk about it. Anyway to my rant, I seriously have come to the conclusion that women are idiots. To start with, women supposedly want a nice guy for a boyfriend/husband/lover whatever but then go out with guys who are complete assholes. Then they wonder why said guy goes out and cheats on them or treats them like crap. To top that all off, after the guy gets caught cheating and all the other times that he wasn’t gets brought up, the girl still wants to be with him. And I’m not just women bashing for fun here, I have examples. My one friend continues to talk with her exes who have long since moved on and she wonders why she can’t find anyone to date. My other friend broke up with her boyfriend because he cheated on her countless times but she still texts and calls him all the time. And my last example is another girl (I wouldn’t call her a friend anymore) who even though her relationship is long dead she still won’t move on and will tease other guys to get attention from them until they get close and she freaks out. It’s just stupid that women will tell you that they want to find “a nice guy” and then go out and date another jerk. And I don’t care what anyone say, the saying “nice guys finish last” is completely true.

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