Ahhhh summer!!!

Tue, May 15, 2012 at 6:25 PM By: Grizzlybar2289

Finally I'm back home for summer break and get to get away from all the drama!!! Okay technically I've been home for like 3 days now but I've been unpacking and reorganizing and stuff so I haven't really gotten a chance to settle down and just relax until now. I'm really happy to be away from school and all the annoying crap that was going on up there although saying that I do already miss everyone, especially because most of them I won't see again since they graduated. Oh well, they said they'll come back and visit so who knows. Anyway on to the summer plan. My two goals to focus on this summer are working to try and put some more money back before heading up to school in the fall and my workouts plus everything that's associated with that (diet, scheduling, and research). I think it's going to be nice to just focus on myself for a little and not to try and dwell on everyone else's issues and drama for once. Although I am worried that it's still going to follow me because my friend from college was texting me this morning about stuff between him and his girlfriend so who knows. Anyway tho, I really hope this is going to be a relaxing summer and I get the chance to have some fun!! :) And to anyone else on break now, I hope it's the same for you =D

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