1. rren avatar

    On Nov 24, rren said:

    Thanks, I'm fine.
    How are you? :}

  2. rren avatar

    On Nov 06, rren said:

    Hello, my friend! ;}

  3. ExtraBanana avatar

    On Oct 06, ExtraBanana said:

    Oh my god.... So lucky. :O

  4. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Sep 22, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    ahhh you like the classics! xD
    and my all time fav is GAWM but after that i cant choose :P

  5. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Sep 19, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    ah yeah they had alot that was going on in between then! xD
    well glad to see u are part of the riot now! :D
    what is ur fav song now? :)

  6. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Sep 18, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    ahh sounds nice :P
    i didnt do much either xD and green day is pretty good live :)
    how long have u been a fan if PR?

  7. ExtraBanana avatar

    On Sep 11, ExtraBanana said:

    Yes ! :O
    I'm pretty fine ! :) school's finished, for two days. --'
    And my summer was greaaaat, friends everyday ! :D
    Hby ? :)

  8. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Sep 10, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    hey there! :)
    i am doing very well suprisingly right now :P
    and my summer was alright just consisted of alot of concerts and randomness xD

  9. rren avatar

    On Sep 10, rren said:

    This time I'm sorry for late reply.
    Thanks, I'm good. I just haven't free time.
    How are you? :}

  10. papa_roachgrl67 avatar

    On Sep 06, papa_roachgrl67 said:

    hey there! :)
    how are you? :P

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