my dumbb dad.

Fri, May 1, 2009 at 10:22 AM By: kayli.paige_little_dirty_girl:)

uh, i cant wait till im old enough to move out. i hate my dad. last night i went out cause it was my onlyy night off this whole week. well, i lost track of time and jeff brought me home 20 mins late. so my dad freaked out, took my phone (and went through ALL my texts) and after yelling at me for breking curfew he came to the conclusion im on drugs. WTF? i guess i smelled like smoke? but jeff smokes, so does my dad.. no drugs involved. so now he wants to drug test me. wow this is dumbb. =/

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    On May 13, ju ju bug said:

    damn ur dad is a fucken ass hole he should just go out and get laid by a hooker ...................................DATS REALLY FUCKED UP

  2. kayli.paige_little_dirty_girl:) avatar

    ohhhh yaaa he is. its so dumbb.
    i think he forgot about the drug test..
    but im still grounded and that means i cant go with jeff dj and sarah this weekend..

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