1. lovetragedy avatar

    On Jan 07, lovetragedy said:

    heyy. I like your blogs (:

  2. Mey avatar

    On Oct 09, Mey said:

    Thanks for req! what's up??

  3. smc_32 avatar

    On Oct 05, smc_32 said:

    Have you never heard of conkers? They come out of horse chestnuts. It's hard to describe them. They're little roundish hard things and you use them to play a game.
    Look at this link and it explains what they are, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conkers

  4. red25sox33 avatar

    On Sep 26, red25sox33 said:

    yea gears of war is an amazing game

  5. Carri Lush avatar

    On Sep 26, Carri Lush said:

    lol xbox live is hilarious. xD
    everyone im talking to is playing gears of war and im the one that cant get my game to work.
    its ridiculous. xD
    i actually wanna get gears of war and play hahaha
    cause it seems fun

  6. riot girl avatar

    On Sep 20, riot girl said:

    hey whatsup?

  7. Bloody Corpse avatar

    On Sep 04, Bloody Corpse said:

    hey how are ya?

  8. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Aug 23, @BassNachosTacos said:

    Hey welcome to the site. What part of Ma you from?

  9. WhatSeparatesMeFromYou(:-Mrs.WilliamsB¡tches!!:D avatar
  10. FRED. avatar

    On Aug 13, FRED. said:

    Thx so muchhh !!!! :D
    It's very nice!

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