Vampire Secrets Book I

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Vampire Secrets Book I
By: Bryanna Blackwood

Chapter 1: Life Changing Pieces

Nakiri was setting in her Astronomy class reading the lesson on Orion when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. As she looked up towards the door she noticed the strange man talking to Mr. Delani was staring at her. He had short brown hair, ocean blue eyes, and had on a long black coat. As she made eye contact with him she fainted.
When she awoke the strange man was hovering over her, but the mans appearance was slightly different. He had long black hair and his ocean blue eyes had rims of crimson red. As she got up she realized she was shorter (which is very peculiar for she was very short at 17. She only stood 4’11. So shorter was scary) and was no longer in the school. When she passed the bathroom she looked in the mirror and stopped. SHE WAS BACK TO 7 YEARS OLD! “How could this happen??” she thought.
She started to hear footsteps so she took off running again. She ran through a living that she realized used to be hers when she was 7. As she got to the door she saw the long black cloak on the coat stand. She decided to hide in it, but as she walked toward it the man wearing the cloak walked forward into the moonlight. His skin was as pale as the moon, his hair was long and flowing, his eyes were blood red, and he had gleaming white fangs. She stood petrified. He put a finger to his lips and shushed her and in that moment she became calm and saw the vampires gentle expression. She ran to him gripping his legs as he draped the cloak over both of them concealing their presence.


“Is he gone?” Nakiri gasped.
“Is who gone sweetie?” asked a soothing female voice.
Nakiri opened her eyes. As she looked around she saw she was in the nurses trailer. She was surrounded by the nurse, Mr. Delani, and Mrs. Noki ( the principle).
“What happened” the three asked simultaneously.
“I…I don’t know, that man, that man you were talking to Mr. Delani; what did he want?!” she responded.
“Now that is none of your business,” replied Mrs. Noki.
“No Mrs. Noki I need to know….I’ve seen him before when I was 7 he tried to hurt me and just now in the room he was staring at me!! I NEED TO KNOW!!!!” she panicked.
Mrs. Noki was about to respond when Mr. Delani started saying “that man is your father Nakiri…he wants to take you with him.”
“No that man is NOT my father! He’s lying because my mom hates liars and she told me my father is the man I lived with for 12 years. So he can’t be. I’m Nakiri Ro daughter of Li Ro!” she stamperd.
“Ok, but I want you to go with him.” Said Mrs. Noki as her eyes darkened. Everyone in the room jumped up running for the door. Nakiri ran for the woods as everyone else ran for the door to the school. As she ran her long shiny black hair whirled as the wind raced around her. She tripped over lots of things because her Tripp pants caught on everything being to long for her. Her breath got heavier and she started to get dizzy so she slowed down.Her mind was racing she had put another piece to the puzzle that had haunted her for years. That was the man she was running from but she still didn’t know why. As her thoughts escaped her she heard a voice calling her name from behind. The voice was male and familiar so she turned around in a fighting stance just in case.
A boy walked around a tree breathing hard it Wolf. “What happened,” he asked out of breath as he fixed his short wavy black hair.
“I….there was a man….I fainted….Mrs. Noki is a vampire….wait how did you find me?” she said chaotically.
“I was visiting Mr. Ko and came out when I heard screaming and saw you go into the woods so I chased after you. Man your fast when your scared; I couldn’t keep up. I think I need to go back to karate.” He chuckled still out of breath.
“Oh, well do you remember that dream I had when I was 7 where someone was chasing after me?” she asked.
“Yes, there was also a vampire who hid you if I’m not mistaken.” He said.
“Well, I know who I was running from and he was in the school today and Mrs. Noki is in league with him!” she exclaimed.
“Woah! Wait your telling me this is real?!” he questioned.
“Yes, and he’s trying to kill me again or whatever he was doing. He was telling Mr. Delani I was his daughter to get me in his grasp, but I fainted so they had to take me to the nurse.”
“Well that’s very strange…”
“Yeah that’s what I thought!”
“Well how do you know it was him?”
“When I fainted I added him standing over me to my dream. What should I do?!” she asked. They heard footsteps coming.
“Well I think we should keep moving right now.” He whispered. They started walking side by side looking behind them every so often. As they walked the pondered on what they should do and where they should go next

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