Vampire Secrets Book I continued

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Chapter 2: The Meeting at the Mansion

They had walked for miles and it was getting dark so they started looking for shelter. They were out of the woods and on a back road when they saw a little empty brick house (truly it wasn’t empty but it looked as though no one had visited the house in years). As they went inside there was a sofa and a TV that still worked with a few movies and a vcr in the living room. The kitchen was equipped with some bowls, a few cups, a couple of pots and pans, some silverware, a fridge, and some knives. In the bedroom there was a king size bed and the bathroom had soap, shampoo, conditioner, some towels, and the water still ran.
“Wonder why there is a still electricity and water…” Wolf said to himself.
“Maybe this is some millionaires summer house that he’s forgot about.” Nakiri said answering him so he wouldn’t.
“That might be Ro good thinking.”
“So, I saw some blackberries out there. We can try and pick some for food before it gets to dark.”
“Yeah we probably should.”
So they got some bowls and headed outside. As they got close to the bush they heard something on the road. They turned in alarm.
“Hey it’s a deer…Wolf can you catch it?”
“I think so be very still and quite though Ro.
He walked slowly towards the deer. It didn’t move as if it were a statue. He ran to it, the deer still not moving, and broke its neck. They dragged it into the bath tub where they gutted it and skinned it. When they got it all clean they took the undesirable parts of the carcass out back and threw it far from the house for the scavengers to eat.
“Hey, I’m going to take a shower while you cook it, ok?” Nakiri said.
“Okie dokie,” he replied.
As the water ran down her blood-stained body she started to see things written on the wall in a pretty cursive font. Each time she blinked it was different. At first it said COME MEETING, then AT MANSION, and last PLEASE NAKIRI. She washed off and dried quickly and went running to the kitchen.
“Wolf! I just saw a message to me on the shower wall!!!!” she exclaimed breathing heavily.
“What do you mean, Ro, a message?? On the shower wall?”
“Yes! It said come meeting at mansion please Nakiri. Didn’t we see an old mansion only a mile from here?”
“Yeah we did, but do you think we should follow the directions of a message you saw on the shower wall?!”
“Well I’ll be safe…you and a knife can protect me.”
“I don’t know Nakiri…”
“We can go after we eat.”
“Well I hope it’s not that guy and Mrs. Noki.”
“Oh thank you Wolf!” she said excitedly jumping and hugging him.
“Your welcome Ro…” he mumbled as he patted her back not really wanting a hug.
After they had their supper they started the mile walk back to the mansion. As they walked they talked about anything not pertaining to what had happened that day or the reason they were walking again, but now after dark.
“So how’s your relationship with Kat?” she asked.
“ Good as it can with a back-stabber.” He replied irratantly.
“So do you have anyone special now?”
“No.” he said softly looking at the ground.
“Oh god there it is…” They stopped looking up at the old Gothic-Victorian style mansion in front of them. She looked at him with a scared look grabbing for his hand and holding it tightly as they walked forward.
As they reached the mansion the double doors opened wide. They walked in hesitantly.
Nakiri gasped at the gothic detail in the foyer and going up the stairs that ascended on either side of the room. In the middle there was a door leading to what looked like a ballroom and upstairs there were some more double doors.
As they stood there gaping at the beauty their attention was suddenly drawn to a tall woman with the most beautiful brunette hair and sea-green eyes at the top of the stairs apparently having come from the double doors behind her seeing as how one was open. She wore a long floor length red dress and held an elegant presence.
“The Lord will see you in the dining room. Please follow me Princess Nakiri and also bring your companion.” The woman said in the most mysterious accent as she walked to the door gesturing them to enter. As they walked up the stairs they looked at eachother in confusion.
“Princess?!” Nakiri mouthed shrugging her shoulders looking at Wolf.
They followed the woman in silence as they entered a room with a long table set with dinner plates and mountains of food. At the head of the table sat a man in an old Victorian black trench coat and what looked like might be a modern black button down shirt, black dress pants and black combat boots.
“Welcome to the Black Manor, Princess. Whose your friend?” the man asked in a deep soothing voice.
Nakiri opened her mouth but nothing came out. She looked at Wolf for help.
“I am Wolf, sir. Nakiri and I were wondering; why do you call her Princess?”
“Why because her blood is royal. And its vampire royalty at that.” He replied with a chuckle.
Nakiri went weak-kneed and Wolf caught her and sat her down in the chair closet to their host. Him sitting directly behind her.
Finally gaining her voice back Nakiri said softly, “I am human, sir. I can not be vampire royalty. I may love vampires but I…am…not…one.”
“Indeed, you were born human, but your blood carries a dormant form of our venom. Since you are a girl and your mother was human the combination destroyed the active venom that makes us who we are.”
“Why am I being told this now?!”
“Because we thought we would never need you since your grandfather was so healthy and a great ruler, but a weeks ago he was killed in battle with the two evil cursed vampires you met today.”
“Why do they want me?”
“They want to rule our clan. You see, as it happens, them along with your father used to belong to this clan, but then they became greedy with their posts. For they were the right hand of the king (or ruler of this clan for we are the rulers over every vampire that belongs to any clan in all of the northern hemisphere) and best friends of the prince, your father. Your father was getting to impatient in waiting for the throne. So he and those two plotted on killing the king, but they were not careful in their planning and the king found out of their treachery and banished them.”
“How come I keep having this about that man chasing me and this other guy concealing me?”
“Hmmm…I think it’s a memory of something that happened long ago. I have only heard that once they tried killing you but when that man saved you they lost your sent and only picked it back up a month ago when your awakening began. For you see the venom is starting become active and will be totally active by your 18th birthday. Though you will not be a vampire all the way. Your blood will not allow it unless you are bitten by your lifemate.”
“I have a….LIFEMATE????!!!!”
“Yes, I do not know for sure, but I believe it is that man that saved you all those years ago. Now I must tell you he is like you. He will change into a vampire fully when he turns 20.”
Nakiri looked at him confused.
“You see Princess that night you saw him he was as he is going to be. He is going to have to go back in time to do that. That is his gift…time-travel.
“Oh wow…”
“Yes I know its a lot to comprehend right now, but I couldn’t keep you in the dark any longer my Princess that’s why I invited you here. Now if you are hungry there is plenty if not you best be off to bed. We have a lot to do tomorrow. Kassee will show you to your rooms. Oh and by the way my name is Lord Kar.”
They followed Kassee to their rooms and went to bed and passed out form exhaustion.

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