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Hey my name is Destinee Marie Tamayo, I am 17 years old, I go to El Toro High School, in Southern California. My boyfriend is 18 years old, his name is Brian Charles Ferguson, and we love each other so much. I love hanging out with my friends and family. I have a dog that is a German Shepard Chow and is 15 years old, I have a cat at my mom's house named Sterling, he is 16 years old and is my best friend. I love monsters, rockstars, red bull, and others. My favorite bands are Metro Station, Owl City, Arch Enemy, and Paramore. But there's more then that. My favorite pokemon is Glaceon, and my boyfriend's is Leafeon, so together we're Glaceon and Leafeon ^^ my youtube background is my boyfriend he's wearing the panda hat (: we're so cute, we've been together since March 20th 2010 we met at school it was love at first sightwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?my manHahah awePhotobucketMeBrian And IAweRyan shirtlessLOL AARON XDWe're In LoveBrianThe Cool Way

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