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    On Nov 02, Sammy_Louise_ said:

    thanks hun, i'm doing a fashion degree at college, hopefully i'll get somewhere with that lol.....i wanna make crackhead bags to sell on here, so keep posted in the collectables section on the forum x

  2. Sammy_Louise_ avatar

    On Oct 25, Sammy_Louise_ said:

    I am from the UK, but i wish i wasn't!!!!
    it's good to have friends from around the world :)
    where abouts are you from? x

  3. Sammy_Louise_ avatar

    On Oct 24, Sammy_Louise_ said:

    hey :) i'm good thanks, how are you? thanks for the friend request, Sammy x

  4. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Oct 03, LilRoach Moe said:

    just busy!! lol ive had soo much going on lately! not cool!

  5. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Sep 29, LilRoach Moe said:

    nono, its cool. like i know he wouldnt hurt me cause hes my grandfather. idk i guess its the thought that hes not really here in a body anymore is what freaks me out. but the other day, supposedly my grandmother heard him calling her outside her widow in the morning! idk if i believe her though, cause like she had a stroke, and she cant use the whole left side of her body, including her brain, but idk. well, anyways how have you been?? lol its been so long since ive been on!!!!!! =]

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    On Sep 20, shychild8 said:


  7. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Sep 19, LilRoach Moe said:

    its cool, shit happens. omg, yesterday my brother started freaking out, and it was dark outside, and i was like whats wrong?? and he was like i just saw Papa in the window, and he waved at me!!!!! (Papa is what we called my grandfather) so i flipped out!! lol i am afraid of spirits and stuff, and you'd think that it would be ok if it was somebody that you knew! but as soon as he said that, i got that wierd feeling that somebody was watching me, and my hair started to stand up on the back of my neck!! ugh... but anyway.. yea, i know what your saying, its nice to have extra money to go to shows n stuff!!! im happy for you!!!! =]

  8. do_or_die7 avatar

    On Sep 15, do_or_die7 said:

    ya those are really good songs too.........yup i have but i went to the taste of chaos and they were there but jay wasnt there so there was a sub and there wasnt really any screaming....but in 10 days im going to there concert in san francisco!!!!yay i cant wait its gonna be kick ass!!ya

  9. JacobyWannaBe avatar

    On Sep 09, JacobyWannaBe said:

    No...but I really want to!, how many times have you seen them?

  10. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Sep 07, LilRoach Moe said:

    its cool.. yea, we were pretty close, but i just have to think of it as he doesnt have to suffer anymore. ugh.. i know what you mean!!! school blows!!! lmao xD oo a new job!! thats exciting! lol what are you doing??

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