The point of view by different people in different cultures

Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 8:50 PM By: ME MADDA FUGGAN GUSTA

We might of all heard about the poor young woman who got her ears and nose chopped off and is now at a american military hospital waiting for a group of skin doners to help with her facial condition. What I am going to talk to all of u about is the fact of peoples perspective and moral code. In the normal moral code for us americans would be wrong but a couple people posted on facebook comments such as:
"over here its wrong, but over there its ok so it doesn't matter to me"
So my response to that was if his sister, cousin, best friend, were to marry a muzlim and get her nose hacked off you still wouldn't care? Now this part refering to what he said, i said:
Meh...probably cuz u r a screaming liberal.
And what amazed me was when a canadian kid said "oh i see this all the time", well i would like to know where u hang out at so i can napalm bomb that place. Not to mention how a guy said we should force them to change. They have been like this since thousands of years before the islamic religion came to be. If the all mighty british empire who was there for 100 years coundn't do sqaut, then the high military strong, vodka loving russians couldn't do shit in a 10 year period, what makes the american government think they can do shit?
To the islamics, its normal cuz the have been isolated and see no new ideas and don't wanna change, WHATS THE POINT?!?!?!

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