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About GabriellaLovesPRoach!

Hey, I'm Gabriella. :)
I live in Omaha, NE.
I'm 13, but no one seems to believe it.
My favorite colors are black and blood red.
Music is my life.
I dye my hair quite a bit. My natural hair color is a golden blonde yellow color. :P I hate it. I currently have dark brown hair that is so dark it looks like black. :)
I haven't lived with my parents in 10 months. I'm 13. My mom dragged me out of my house by hair on January 27, 2010. She was drunk. I'm not afraid to say any of this because I'm not ashamed of what happened. It wasn't my fault.
I'm a total freak and I wouldn't change that for anything.
I can be a retard at times. I'm proud of that.
I completely crazy.
I'm pretty dirty-minded. Life is much funner that way.
I am completely and totally IN LOVE with Papa Roach (mostly Jacoby Shaddix). I have seen them live 2 times and the last time I FUCKING TOUCHED HIM. I actually cried. That's how crazy I am about him. That night was the BEST NIGHT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.
Most people would call my obsession with the band sick and twisted.
But I don't think it is.
I think it's wonderful. ^_^
I've been a Papa Roach fan for about 9 months.
The first time I heard the song Hollywood Whore I fell COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY in love. Now I listen to Papa Roach every single day. I also listen to Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Bullet for my Valentine, Skillet, Hollywood Undead, Black Veil Brides, Evanescence, Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot, and some other stuff that I'm too lazy to list. :P
Before I turn 20 I WILL be part of The Wall of Death at least once and I WILL lick Jacoby Shaddix. NO MATTER WHAT. :)
Oh, and you should message me. :)


The one on the left is me in 3rd grade... and the one on the right is me now... I think this is HILARIOUS. :)

My awesome shoes after I attacked them with Sharpie. :)

My picture for the lyric video some girl from Facebook is making for Forever. ^_^

My VERY special best friend, Jessica, acting like... well... you get the picture. :)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! By far, my favorite picture of Jacoby. :DD

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