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About Kate! [antistar]

I kinda hate writing about my self cause it's pretty tiresome to invent something new every time I create an account somewhere. Anyway, I'm Kate. I love music and I play bass. I experiment with my hair a lot, both with it's style and color! I am a big shopping whore and I spend almost all my money on clothes. And yes, I know it's not the point to brag about. I love cartoons, gummy bears and soap bubbles. It's something that makes me happy. I love foreign languages. I'm quite fluent in English but it's obviously not even my second language. I hope I'm gonna be fluent in French one day, though I know just a couple of phrases so far. I am fortunate to moderate Papa Roach fansite PapaRoachUnit, so if you're a fan, come and join us.

Oh yeah, I've got accounts on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, so I guess I can be considered a NERD! TYeah, that's official ;) So this is pretty much it, if I feel like writing something more, I'll add some info.


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