1. *Shaddix32* avatar

    On Mar 27, *Shaddix32* said:

    hi babe

  2. *Filthy Roach* avatar

    On Dec 30, *Filthy Roach* said:

    hey, I know I've asked for it many times in this year, but please check out my new blog :) I'm sure you will really like it, there are my last wishes for new year :D

  3. Broken.Home avatar

    On Dec 19, Broken.Home said:

    hey :] hows it going?

  4. *Filthy Roach* avatar

    On Sep 06, *Filthy Roach* said:

    hey how its going?

  5. *Filthy Roach* avatar

    On Jul 28, *Filthy Roach* said:

    Check out my new blog :)
    I hope you're ok Greetings and Cuddles :D

  6. *Filthy Roach* avatar

    On Jul 22, *Filthy Roach* said:

    I have a question :S you can answer it on the new blog I've posted... Greetings and a lot of cuddles :D

  7. *Filthy Roach* avatar

    On Jul 17, *Filthy Roach* said:

    here in chile is winter LOL but i'm pretty cool and enjoying the holidays

  8. *Filthy Roach* avatar

    On Jul 07, *Filthy Roach* said:

    i'm pretty good thanks 4 asking ;)

  9. *Filthy Roach* avatar

    On Jul 06, *Filthy Roach* said:

    Hey, would u comment ? ;)
    I'm waiting for ya !! Viva La Cucaracha !!*

  10. djt avatar

    On May 24, djt said:

    i've been getting ready for high school graduation.

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