I am just fucking fed up!

Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 4:52 PM By: sixxersworld

Ok....I'm really really fucking pissed off and tired of bullshit. So...I'm sure you guys remember my sister's shitty boyfriend that I've talked about. Well...around christmas time she told me he started slapping her and pushing her around...and when she first told me he slapped her I freaked the fuck out. I told her she had to fucking leave the asshole...and she kept telling me that she didn't want to deal with it and gave me excuse after excuse about why she couldn't leave.

And then the day after Christmas I'm told that he fucking pushed her around and broke her phone. So again I'm telling her that he's a fucktard and totally detsroying her life...and she goes and tells me again that she just doesn't want to deal with it. I've been dealing with her telling me about how much this guy is an ass for months and constantly helping her through it...and she just doesn't put in the effort to fix her problem....I don't understand it.

I've never been the type of person to just sit around and say shit sucks..I'm always working towards fixing my problems...I just don't understand what the fuck she's doing. And now she;s fucking lying to me again...I fucking know it. She's making up this bullshit story about her landlord threatening to sue her...ya fucking right. She was down visiting and she knew that we were gonna hang out tonight and now she spontaniously has to go back home? Bullshit...she's going back to her fucked up boyfriend and she doesn't want to see me cause she knows that Im the only one that has the balls to not sugar coat everything.

I just don't know what to do. And again I'm the only one who's actually being honest with her about everything. I'm fucking tired of listening to this...I'm tired of her not taking ANY steps to better her life....she needs to start doing something and stop just bitching about everything. I've given her so many optinons and it's just one excuse after another...and I don't want to tell her to fuck off cause...well I'm her sister and she doesn't exactly have many friends. But I can't stand this anymore. I fucking had a crying fit...I'm fucking stressed out worrying about her...and she doesn't seem to give a flying fuck. The girl's got two kids on top of this she should be thinking about.....I;m just fucking fed up

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    On Dec 30, Hybrid911 said:

    the kids deffo come first... if he's violent to her what if he's violent to them? I can't suggest anything you haven't already tried, but I guess persistance is key. it's fucking terrible he's abusing your sister, but I guess it's her life and no matter how much you love and care about her, you've got to let her live it. May be she'll finally realize that he is a fucktard? May be she's scared of being alone? It's a really shitty situation, I guess the only thing you can do is be there for her like you are being x

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