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About Maygemini83

I love music, I am very passionate about it and enjoy a variety of genres. I am thinking about going back to school to major in music.
I want to learn all that I can about the business, both the artists side and the executive side.

I also enjoy writing lyrics in my spare time.
With help I wrote a set of lyrics at the age of 5.
At the age of 14 I wrote my first set on my own and in the last 14 years I have written about 38 sets of lyrics. Plus some poems.

Random stuff:
I have been in a relationship with a wonderful guy for almost 2 years now.
I am a proud mother of a wonderful 10 year old son and an 8 month old daughter..

I want to travel to Greece one day to see as many of the Greek temples as I can, especially the Parthenon.
My favorite color is blue.
I am a bit guy crazy and can be a bit of a flirt, though I may not come across that way online.
I love Spicy food, the hotter the better.

I love Mel Brooks movies, the man is a genius.
My Favorite Mel Brooks Movie is Silent Movie.
I also adore Leslie Nielsen Comedies, he was definately one of a kind. :)
I am cynical and some what bitter by nature, however I am trying to be a bit more positive these days though it is not an easy task.

In general I think my life's philosophy is to deal with as much as I can with an open heart and an open mind.

I have a total of 5 brothers and 3 sisters.
I am the youngest on my mother's side and the third oldest on my dad's side.

I have really long hair and hazel eyes,(which I inherited from my dad) though you cannot tell by my picture.

I am half Mexican, English, Dutch and German.

I am a certified Medical Biller and Coder, but I don't actually remember enough from the classes I took to do anything with it.

My real name is Mary ( I don't like my name, it is too plain/common)

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