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About Mary Ann

Ive been a huge fan since infest came out! Last Resort, Binge, never enough, broken home, blood brothers,....hell the whole cd was my anthem!! I was constantly holing up inside myself when I lived at home! I had an abusive father n was hardly ever allowed to go anywhere but school! So music was my escape-hell still is! If you havent talked to me you'll find out Im out-spoken n sarcastic (its my first language-try it sometime its fun)! In fact, I have bumpersticker on my myspace that totally fits me-"I couldn't care less whether you love me, hate me, or masturbate screaming my name!" Im also loyal, understanding, easy going, fun, and give a damn about people-even total strangers! I just recently split up with my hus of 6 years that cheated on me n moved in his internet girlfriend 3 weeks after I moved out. but I guess Im just too nice I got over that real quick n got to know her-I even invite them over all the time n make dinner for them n watch movies(mainly for the kids-I would rather suck up my pride n be civil than to fight all the time n make my kids lives harder than it has to be! I mean what I say when I say Id do anything for them-even if that means being buddy buddy with my cheating ex n the hus stealing whore-Ive got over it-but thats what she still is) but shes real nice n treats my kids good-in fact shes pretty much an older version of me except shes a pushover and babys him-I guess I was too rough for him-he never did like kink-pity bc I love it-Im a total sex addict-It's a beautiful wonderful disease!! So now Im single n it SUCKS!!! Its only a matter of time before I start attacking innocent bystanders n get sexual harrassment charges filed on me. Atleast Im honest! There's not a lot of that going around nowadays. Be honest with yourself n others people!! I have HAD ENOUGH of the lies!!! If you like the sarcasm I will gladly verbally abuse you anytime you want! Its a free service I offer! come by anytime! rock out my fello roachers! keep the PR love goin! bye fuckers

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