where is my cd???

Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 3:17 PM By: mookymutley

Wondering where my pre order CD is! I was hoping it would be in my mailbos today!!!

  1. Fed avatar

    On Mar 24, Fed said:

    I was hoping that to but had to buy my copy at the store

  2. mookymutley avatar

    On Mar 24, mookymutley said:

    Thanks for the info, I'm just impatient!!

  3. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Mar 24, Hybrid911 said:

    sit back and relax. i know it's frustrating but alot of people also don't have theres yet :) x eddie gtrl might contact you and ask for your reference number or something, i've seen him do it... x

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