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Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 9:48 AM By: Alfred M. Gomez

Whether the materials is a chair, an armchair or a conference table, a valuable amount of energy is accumulated inside of it. Unfortunately, the majority of used furniture ends up in landfills, contributing to global warming through the exhaust of methane.
Are today's landfills really the mines of future generations?

We often hear people argue on the idea that today's landfills are likely to be tomorrow's mines. It comes to mind a concept of sites in whose we store our waste as a squirrel stores his nuts for subsequent use. The reality is quite the opposite!
The problem is that landfills are lands that are the focus of eco-system, like any other human construction. Who says eco-system known interaction with the various elements of nature. Some material will escape and pass through the groundwater, polluting the rivers and our drinking water. Other waste will emit gases and greenhouse gases during their biodegradation.
The recycling of materials contained inside furniture

We know that pure substances, as metals and glass can be easily recycled in perpetuity. But what about a material such as wood? Wood is a kind of energy battery ready for use. When biomass (wood residues) is used instead of fossil fuels, it helps to reduce the intake of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since it is a source of clean and renewable energy. When burning wood, carbon previously removed from the atmosphere is sequestered in wood and recirculated air and the carbon cycle is considered neutral.
Our method of treatment does not burn the material to obtain energy, it is free of CO2. Our process does not release other gases either, such as methane (CH4) gas at 21 times the warming power of CO2.
The interesting aspect of thermochemistry, the method used for recovering the energy contained in the wood also designated as lignocellulosic biomass is that it is not limited by a type of wood. We can thus recover wood containing paint, melamine or formica, wood and pressed wood furniture.

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