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    On Jun 08, RoachKitty said:

    I wish you a happy happy birthdaaaaaaaaaay!
    Hope you had a great day xoxo

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    On Mar 20, RoachKitty said:

    Sry that I answer that late but I also had alot of things to do.
    I'm waiting for summer too and I'm very happy that the weather is getting better and better ?
    I heard from the band Yashin an I like most of their songs (I know) too.
    I think one of my friends does have the CDs from Yashin but I'm not sure. I'll ask her and maybe she can send me some songs for you^^
    Oh yeah... potty train *grin*
    I know how hard it is but it's worth! XD
    In summer my lil girl will start with preschool 'cause I think she is still to playful for school^^
    So, hope you have a nice day sweetheart ?

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    On Feb 23, RoachKitty said:

    Hey sweety^^
    Snow is gone now and I hope it will not snow again XD
    My little girl loves the nursery too.^^
    She hates it when I come and pick her up XD
    I now do have a smart phone cause my old cell phone is broken :(
    And I can't handle this new phone very well XD
    Well... It's just a replacement until I can afford a new one.
    Hope you're fine and talk to you soon ;) *cuddle*

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    On Feb 05, RoachKitty said:

    Wow... that is really strange. Doesn't she have any other hobbies?
    Some ppl never grow up, I guess...
    Cheer up hun! *cuddle*
    I'm fine. I just don't like the weather at the moment... I hate snow XD
    I want the summer back!!! It's cold here and I don't like it... *mumble*
    How is the weather in Manchester?

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    On Jan 06, RoachKitty said:

    Thx a lot sweetheart ?
    So, how was your week?^^

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    On Dec 31, RoachKitty said:

    Me to... so Happy new year to you and your family and friends too, sweetheart ??

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    On Dec 27, RoachKitty said:

    Hey sweetheart that sounds really great! I'm really happy for you and wish you the best!^^
    I celebrated Christmas with my parents and one of my best friends (my lil girl was with her father the first 2 days).
    Can't wait for next year 'cause I want to visit 2 concerts or more ( I would love when it will be more than 2 XD).
    I'm doing fine and hope you too *grin*
    Hope to talk to you again on MSN *hugs and kisses*

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    On Dec 11, RoachKitty said:

    Hey sweetheart how are you? Long time ago that we talked to each other.
    So what's up Hun?^^

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    On Dec 10, Jacqueline87 said:

    hey hey im good thanks hows you x

  10. JJ_P-Roach avatar

    On Nov 27, JJ_P-Roach said:

    hey! what's up?

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