1. PapaRoachluvr4life avatar

    On May 03, PapaRoachluvr4life said:

    Oh I save them on my iPod from the internet. Oh google, I love you you works wonders for my obsession

  2. lovetragedy avatar

    On Jan 13, lovetragedy said:

    I am obsessed too!!!!!!! And I'm jelous that you have soo many pics! JOCOBY IS SOOO SEXY!!!!!

  3. bjer avatar

    On Jan 12, bjer said:

    I have more than 1000 on my pc and 400 in my room I guess but I think everybody of us is kinda obsessed

  4. dianam avatar

    On Jan 12, dianam said:

    I dont think you are obsessed I have over 500 pictures that I took at their concerts and I dont think that I am obsessed. Jacoby is hot tho.

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