to you, the biggest asshole, ever

Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 10:54 AM By: Bloodnlove

Why am i with you? Ur sexy yes, tho you know so it makes you ugly. You treat me like shit, but always come crawling back, and make me feel like i did something wrong, im just dumb, you said it urself, you have a kid, which i promised never to ever fuck with someone with a kid, too much drama, you dont even take care of your kid. you dont care about ur family, that ur grams is in the hospital, and ur gramps needs ur help, you dont care that i needed ur help, you dont care that i care... And i dont fuckin know why... But im done, im done holding you when you cry, you cry more than i do, im done tryin to tell you everythings gonna be alright, bc lets face it, you're a fuck up, and im done giving 2 fucks about how you are, if ur in jail, or fuckin some bitch just for shits and giggles, im done pretending that i love pleasing you, bc i hate it, im done pretending that i care about ur problems with ur fucked up bm and ur kid, ur just drama i dont need, and yes i do call other dudes when you dont pick up, bc u r a fleeting moment to me, you get me high thats all, thts all it ever was, and no matter what i say to you, you keep coming back, and it drives me crazy. just leave me the fuck alone, everywhere i go ur there, stalking me, with puppy eyes and soft whispers into my ear, im not doin it anymore, too bad i cant say that to you tho, bc for some reason i feel sorry for you.... whew

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