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About Melissa Shaddix (:

My name is mel (:
i was born in 1994 :P that makes me 15 :P 16 in september ! wooop ;P
Papa Roach are my favourite band ever they are the most awesome ever...
i love drawing anime :P !! and i is in love with cats =^.^=.
i get told i look like an anime,,,,,,, i love it when i waalk down the street and see chavs and they call me a emo !! BAHAHA!! :p makes me giggle .... i is easily amused and have blond hair ((very light)) and blue eyes ((the change colour, it depends on my mood to be honest, they go christle blue when i is really happy the go greyish when i is sad or deppressed))
if you have msn add me.. just ask for it and ill give you it xD
loveyou Jacoby

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