bored and tired...

Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 7:06 PM By: xXGhostQueen13Xx

yeah basicly what the title is but im excited for tomarrow my class is goin to see 'a christmas carol' and me and my bf will finally have some time to talk durring school without getting in trouble my mom still doesnt know about me and him being together well acually she might know... he had said 'i

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    On Dec 06, xXGhostQueen13Xx said:

    (for some reason it didnt post all of it) he had said 'i love you' and i had said it back and then i went to my friends house and my mom got on my computer and he was still on and he asked "are you there?" and it was my mom and when i got back on i could still see the 'i love you thing and the 'are you there?' so im probably dead but my mom still hasnt said anything and now we're going to be in a christmas float together yayz =)
    Love and Peace MMW

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