really needing to catch up in school is hard...

Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 7:00 PM By: xXGhostQueen13Xx

wow i havnt been on much cuz i havnt had my computer wich really sucked but at least i finally got it fixed! anyway! is there any1 eles here who listens to the band BOYSLIKEGIRLS cuz i really like them i just started listening to them so if you like them or know them commet your fav song by them as of now my fav song is love drunk. OKAY now on to the whole title thingy so i have sooo much missing work and if i fail a subject... ughh i dont even want to think about it!! so plz any1 who has any organizational tips and crap like that plzzz tell me cuz im soo desprate right now!! it would mean a lot if you guys could help even just sending me a link to a vid or something (and for all you ppl who are wondering me and alex are still going out its almost been a month!) ;)
Love and Peace MMW

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