Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 7:41 PM By: prfan012

so lets say this i just started school like 5 weeks ago and already i have been in 2 fights every week...drama fukin good ol' drama wow and lets say this my bff is going suicidal and trying to kill herself and then lets say i have been having a strange time...everyday my eyes change exotic colors from red to light green to other crazy colors and like everday i wake up with cuts n bite marks n i dnt kno wats happenining but i feel suicidal..HELP ME!!!!!

  1. lovemeorhateme avatar

    On Sep 13, lovemeorhateme said:

    um if your friends doing shit like that get her sum help from a guidance consolr or sumthin, don't try 2 fix it yourself. and as for the fights its been 2 weeks of skl for me and i already made tis guy cry twice and he claims 2 b a "g" we lol

  2. Francesca avatar

    On Sep 12, Francesca said:

    omg "the last night" is the best song ever for a situation like that.....

  3. Lovely_XxXxX avatar

    On Sep 12, Lovely_XxXxX said:

    The weird waking up with cuts and bite marks I'm not sure... maybe see someone who knows a lot about weird occurances. Like a paranormalist. *sighs* And your bff, make her listen to "The Last Night" by Skillet! It saved my boyfriend! and the fights, however they may start, just walk away....

  4. shychild8 avatar

    On Sep 12, shychild8 said:

    babe, don't kill urself, who will b there 4 me, i love u 2 much, also the same thing been happening 2 me when i wake up i have cuts on my body

  5. vern93 avatar

    On Sep 12, vern93 said:

    im srry about ur friend. im here if u want to talk and the person below me is right : )

  6. XxraesavagexX avatar

    On Sep 12, XxraesavagexX said:

    sduicide is never the right answer

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