Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 10:30 PM By: LadyRoach92

I've been listening to Papa Roach endlessly for the past few days preparing for May 31st...I know. I'm starting a bit early, but I'm just soooo excited!!!! I mean they are my favorite band in the whole entire world!!!!! XD Now that I have discovered that I am able to post blogs again, I might be on here a bit more again. I would just type out really long blogs, and the submit button wouldn't work, but now it is again! So yay!! XD

I'm now going to school to be an elementary school teacher, and I'm doing pretty good. I'm excited. XD Damn....I'm already running out of things to say....gonna go look at the forums and comment and shtuff!!

  1. Hahliiyra avatar

    On Apr 02, Hahliiyra said:

    Come by the chat room and say hi sometime... would love to hear what's up with you and we're tryin to get it going again. Can't wait to hear all about things. =D

  2. LadyRoach92 avatar

    On Apr 01, LadyRoach92 said:

    Lol. Okey dokey. Thanks! XD

  3. graham avatar

    On Apr 01, graham said:

    i had the same problem! when your done typing click the section you just typed in, hit 'tab' key then hit the 'enter' key its a way around it

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